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Turkey and Greek Isles Cruise: 7 nights in September 2012.

Explore some fascinating parts of the world beginning in Istanbul. This city spans Europe and Asia and holds beautiful Mosques and churches. Shop the Grand Bazaar for all sorts of treasures or bathe in the turkish baths! Myrina, Nisos Limnos, Greece is a volcanic island located near the mouth of the Dardenelles packed with a myriad of history. In Izmir find a fine Archaeology Museum and Ethnography Museum house a multitude of treasures and exhibits, while nearby resorts provide distractions of another sort. Earthquakes and fires over the centuries have obliterated most of ancient Smyrna, as it was once known, but remnants of the 4th-century fort atop Mt. Pagos still provide excellent views of the city and Gulf of Izmir. Cesme is a coastal town and seaside resort on the Aegean, west of Izmir and on the extreme western tip of Turkey. It is a popular holiday destination, boasting crystal clear waters and beautiful sand beaches. Kos, Greece has a marvelous climate, lively night life, outstanding beaches and an incredible variety of water sports. Fall in love with the perfection that is Santorini. Santorini is black sands, beautiful white washed houses perched on soaring cliffs overlooking sparkling waters. Santorini is the most picturesque place! Chania is bordered by endless stretches of seashore, with inlets and islands of exotic beauty and sandy beaches tucked away at the foot of the island's forbidding mountains. This is a self-sufficient region that is blessed with rich flora and fauna, as well as impressive gorges, holy caves, rivers and lush, green plains blanketed with citrus groves. Disembark the cruise in Piraeus, the busy port of Athens.

Cruise Operator: Seabourn
Vessel: Seabourn Odyssey
Ports of Call: Istanbul, Myrina, Izmir, Cesme, Kos, Santorini, Chania, Piraeus (Athens).
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Sep 8 2012. Arrives: Sat, Sep 15 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 7-nights.

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures.

Turkey and Greek Isles Itinerary
Day 1 - Istanbul - Sat, Sep 8 2012 17:00
Day 2 - Myrina - Sun, Sep 9 2012 10:00 - Sun, Sep 9 2012 19:00
Day 3 - Izmir - Mon, Sep 10 2012 08:00 - Mon, Sep 10 2012 23:00
Day 4 - Cesme - Tue, Sep 11 2012 08:00 - Tue, Sep 11 2012 18:00
Day 5 - Kos - Wed, Sep 12 2012 08:00 - Wed, Sep 12 2012 18:00
Day 6 - Santorini - Thu, Sep 13 2012 08:00 - Thu, Sep 13 2012 23:00
Day 7 - Chania - Fri, Sep 14 2012 08:00 - Fri, Sep 14 2012 18:00
Day 8 - Piraeus (Athens) - Sat, Sep 15 2012 07:00

About the Seabourn Odyssey
With their unmatched sense of style, elegance and grace, The Yachts of Seabourn beckon you to travel beyond the bounds of the imagination. Aboard Seabourn, every desire is met promptly and with a welcoming smile. Whether it'¬s a warm blanket and a cup of gourmet hot chocolate as you drift along the Norwegian Fjords or a relaxing neck massage poolside, you'll feel that you're a member of a very exclusive club. Read more about the Seabourn Odyssey here!

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